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Terms of Service

Reborn Gaming Network Rules

You agree to follow these rules below by registering an account and playing on our server!
  • 1. Abusing referral program will cause account(s) delete or BAN.
  • 2. By registering you agree to receive occasional emails about important server updates.
  • 3. Using an account for commercial purposes is prohibited.
  • 4. It is strictly prohibited to sell or prove an attempt to sell your account. Violation of this rule will lead to account ban.
  • 5. In cases from us independent, some services may not always be available. Therefore, no one can demand service availability.
  • 6. The service provider is not responsible for server failures, software defects, and hacking of the user.
  • 7. We reserve the right to remove your account even without reason provided.
  • 8. The account may be blocked by the administrator when the player does not comply with these rules.
  • 9. We are not responsible for any losses of the owner resulting from his or her fault (eg theft after password sharing etc).
» WARNING: Account sharing with clan mates, friends, family members etc is at the owner discretion. We cannot help if the account is lost or sold without the owners permission. So please be wary of who has access to your accounts.

Refund Policy

All products are sold 'as is'. You assume the responsibility for your purchase, and no refunds will be issued.

Contact e-mail

[email protected]

Privacy policy

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Network events

  • None

Player achievement ranking

  • 1 May.
  • 2 WaspMan
  • 3 Blindshot
  • 4 Grotesque
  • 5 Laeluan
  • 6 highzao
  • 7 Castiel
  • 8 Catie
  • 9 Lilith
  • 10 Txibelle